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This is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of power boilers

Core business

We manufacture boilers for commercial power engineering, industrial power engineering, and process power engineering, a segment of the industry dedicated to power generation for food production and processing plants. Sefako boilers are available to suit several combustion technologies and fuel options, including pulverized hard coals, liquid fuels and gas fuels. We also carry a special series adapted for use with biomass fuels.


SEFAKO's core drivers are growth and innovation. We are partners with a number of scientific research units and other corporate entities, on different research projects aimed at developing new technologies in different power engineering areas, including environmental protection. This will improve our manufacturing capabilities and help us to launch new solutions on the market.


Aside from the proprietary boiler solutions engineered by our very own Design Office, SEFAKO S.A. carries a range of pressure components for all types of power boilers.

We provide customers with:

  • Workshop design development
  • Manufacturing
  • Shop pre-assembly
  • On-site delivery
  • On-site finish assembly and installation

Shop fabrication:

  • Membrane wall panels
  • Evaporators
  • Superheaters
  • Economizers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Steel structures and ductwork