Boiler servicing & retrofitting

The majority of water tube grate boilers have already passed the 100,000 operating hour mark. Further service will reduce their efficiency and reliability, which means growing costs of ownership.

The emission levels generated by these boilers also barely meet the current environmental protection standards. They will soon need replacing with new and better counterparts; however, a new boiler is a very expensive project. An optimum solution is to retrofit the legacy boiler house to extend its service life, maintain the regulatory operating performance limits, and meet the environmental standards.

For those who do not want to replace whole boiler units with our state-of-the-art solutions, SEFAKO carries a range of retrofit and overhaul options for legacy WR, WLM and OR type coal-fired boilers.

Our retrofit and overhaul range:

  • pressure side components replacement
  • retrofitted cascade-fed grates
  • production of latest grate bottom air box designs
  • primary forced air systems (flue gas recirculation)
  • secondary air systems
  • combustion control and automation system deployment

Main benefits of retrofitting:

  • improved boiler efficiency
  • up to 30% efficiency improvement with grate and boiler retrofits
  • reduced and controlled pollutant emission levels in compliance with the latest emission regulations


Legacy boiler retrofitting improves the economic effects of operation and extends the operating reliability of boiler pressure side components.

Each stage of our retrofitting solutions reduces the current costs of operation, to generate funding for the next stage. The stages require defining and adaptation to suit the conditions of your boiler house.

For example: a boiler grate can be retrofitted for biomass combustion, once the coal bunker has been split into two separate bins.

Each retrofitting project stage is planned so that each milestone brings profit to the operator. The resulting savings on coal and power are staggering; the ROI for further retrofit stages is usually relatively fast.

Given our 40 years of experience in boiler manufacturing, we can provide servicing of boiler equipment in Poland and abroad.

Our services include:

  • Fitting and installation of boilers and auxiliary equipment
  • Retrofitting and replacement of boiler pressure and non-pressure side components
  • Overhauls of boiler pressure and non-pressure side components
  • Professional engineering assistance during boiler inspection
  • Welding and fitting
  • Commissioning
  • Health diagnostics and assessment