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Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A. is one of the most acclaimed leaders in the power engineering industry in Europe. It is also among the largest employers in the Świętokrzyskie region of Poland (currently with a staff of 1,000) and follows Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting environmental conservation initiatives and local government programs in continuous education and the development of human resources. SEFAKO manufactures boilers for commercial power engineering, industrial power engineering, and process power engineering, a segment of the industry dedicated to power generation for food production and processing plants. SEFAKO carries a diversified range of boilers, including units based on pulverized hard coals, liquid fuels or gas fuels, as well as dedicated boilers for biomass combustion.

Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A. is also a leading manufacturer of pressure components for all boiler types. We manufacture our solutions according to proprietary engineering designs or the customer's specifications. Our customer base includes domestic and foreign corporate entities, the latter being based in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and many other countries in Europe and on other continents. SEFAKO provides services in the assembly and installation of its boilers and boiler components, complete with engineering supervision, warranty and post-warranty services, and diagnostics of boilers and equipment.

The cooperation between SEFAKO's engineers and customers, as well as the scientific research units at the universities of technology in Kielce, Wrocław, Kraków, and the AGH University of Science and Technology, has resulted in the production launch of a low-energy technology concerning protective coatings for boiler membrane walls and pipes. These erosion and corrosion-resistant coatings improve the service life of those boiler components exposed to destructive operating conditions.

SEFAKO also delivers turn-key projects that include its own boilers.


Metallic coating deposition line

Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A. has become a professional manufacturer of pressure components (heating surfaces of superheaters and economizers), utilising dedicated high-alloy steel grades from SUMITOMO, including 304H and HR3C; our pressure components are intended for super-overcritical boiler and 900+ MWe boiler applications. These components have been supplied to the largest power generation units in Europe, including the following projects: Mannheim 911MWe, Karlsruhe 912MWe, and Westfalen 1600MWe. Currently, out of the six waste-to-heat plants built in Poland, four feature boiler systems made by SEFAKO.

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