Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A. carries two type series of oil and gas fired, flue and smoke tube boilers, designed with years of experience in the operation and improvement of our own boiler solutions:

  • Type KD water boilers, rated at 1.0 ÷ 16 MW
  • Type ED steam boilers, rated at 1.0 ÷ 30 t/h

Type KD and ED are state of the art, high-efficiency flue and smoke tube boiler systems with an integrated (fully water-cooled) flue gas return chamber. These boilers are intended for process power engineering applications:

  • Block heating stations
  • Industrial plants
  • Fruit and vegetable processing plants
  • Meat works
  • Public facilities, e.g. schools, hospitals, etc.

Hot water and steam generation for utilities or industrial processing.

We can design and deliver the boilers with customized operating parameters and equipment.

The parameters of the boiler

Name Value
Fuel Gas and oil
Construction Smoke tube
Combustion Burner
Energy Steam