Waste-heat boilers

That type EU waste heat boiler generates steam for processing and heating applications. It is a single-pass smoke tube boiler

 with an economizer unit; the flue gas flows horizontally through the smoke tubes, enters the economizer, from which it is discharged downward.

The boiler features the necessary control, monitoring and safety piping and instrumentation, as required by applicable laws and operating requirements.

The boiler has two self-priming pumps with a drive system, located directly by the boiler unit.  The feed water line is complete with the necessary valves and instruments. The boiler steam delivery line features a shut-off valve with a pressure gauge.

There is also a blowdown pipe with a fast-action valve, a drain pipe, safety valves, water gauges, starting valves, and a blowdown valve.

Table 1: Technical specification example for the EU1,2 waste heat boiler

Design rating, t/h


Nominal operating pressure, bar


Saturated steam temp., oC


Heating surface area, m2


Feed water nominal temp., oC


Water volume to low level line, m3


Water volume (total), m3


Boiler gross weight: shipping

(net, w/o water, controls & instr.) shipping, t

approx. 6,500

Gross weight, t

approx. 7,100

Flue gas volume, m3n/h


Flue gas inlet temp., oC


Flue gas exhaust temp., oC


The parameters of the boiler

Name Value
Fuel Waste heat
Construction Smoke tube, Water tube
Energy Steam, Water